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Exciting News

Innovation winners

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been named as one of the of Ofwat’s Water Breakthrough Challenge winners.

Delivered by ChallengeWorks with Arup and Isle Utilities, the Water Breakthrough Challenge and aims to encourage initiatives that help to tackle the biggest challenges facing the water sector, such as achieving net zero, protecting natural ecosystems and reducing leakage, as well as delivering value to society.

Intelligent Gels and its partners (Northumbrian Water Group, Durham University and Technology innovation catalyst CPI) will upscale our innovation in order to prevent tree root intrusion into the sewer network.

A new pipeline coating will be further developed in order to reduce blockages, prevent flooding and pollution events. Work is due to start this summer.
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Future Water Association...

WINNER-Water Dragons 2022

On World Water Day, Future Water announced the winner of the 2022 Water Dragons competition. Supported by sponsors Hydrosave and new supporter WRc, the Dragons throughout 2022 came from investors, innovators, water companies and regulators. The innovators came from a variety of backgrounds and brought ideas from UK, Luxembourg and Canada.

Commenting on the judge’s outcome, Alastair Moseley, Water Dragon Judge Chair & Future Water Board Member said:
"All of the innovations presented to the Water Dragons judges, were high quality and all will have a part to play in the future transformation of the water sector. Choosing a winner was therefore extremely challenging but, in the end, it came down to the innovation that the judges felt was breaking new ground and doing something that hasn’t been available before."
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New Service...

Yorkshire Water trials gels to remove rising main sediment

Yorkshire Water and its partners Morrisons Water Services and Intelligent Gels have successfully trialled the use of gel to remove sediments from rising mains.

The trial saw gel inserted into the wastewater network and used existing pumping within the network to push it through 4km of nine-inch sewers to remove sediment and build up in rising mains.

Mark Gregory, project manager at Yorkshire Water, said: "We are always looking at innovative new technologies to help us manage our networks and make them more efficient.

This successful trial removed sediment from a large section of our network, ultimately helping to protect the pumps, extend their life, reduce the likelihood of failures and the associated customer and environmental impact that can have. This is an exciting development and one we’re looking at using further across our network."
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Gel applications by Industry Sector

Intelligent Gel products for the Drinking Water sector

Drinking Water Network

A gel product capable of removing Iron, Manganese and other sediments from Drinking Water pipelines that's proven to be more efficient than flushing.
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Intelligent Gel products for the Sewerage sector

Sewer Network

Reduce energy costs, improve pumping efficiencies and lower the risk of pollution/flooding events to homes and businesses by cleaning Rising Mains.
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Intelligent Gel products for the Sewer network, preventing tree roots growing into sewer pipelines

Sewer Network

Reduce the risk of pollution events within the sewer network by acting upon a common cause of blockages, i.e. tree root invasion.
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Intelligent Gel products for the oil and gas sector, debris lift in pipeline systems

Oil & Gas

Aqueous or Glycol based viscous gels and gel pigs, available in a wide range of viscosities to suit a multitude of uses such as debris pick up and product removal.
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Intelligent Gel products for the chemical industry sector, debris lift in pipeline systems

Chemical Industry

Gels can be used for the cleaning of unpiggable pipelines and are an invaluable part of maintenance and inspection programmes. Combine gel cleaning with the use of surfactants for a complete solution.
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Intelligent Gel products for the angling sector, high temperature gel pellets

Angling Sector

A potent and powerful addition to your angling, a high temperature gel pellet that stays on the hook!
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Intelligent Gel products for the cleaning of food and beverage pipelines

Food & Beverages

Cleaning pipelines with a food grade gel is very efficient at maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness within pipeline systems.
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Intelligent Gel products for growing plants in a peat subsistute


We are developing an artificial substrate (compost substitute) for the mass propagation of plantlets, primarily for use in the horticultural industry.
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Intelligent Gel products high value product separation

High Value Products

Gels can be used to separate high value products such as fuels and pharmaceutical materials in order to reduce product contamination and recycling/recovery times.
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