Intelligent Gels create novel and innovative solutions using gel chemistry.
What We Do
With CEFAS approved gels, Intelligent Gels, based in Aberdeen, are ideally placed to serve the global Oil & Gas sector. With a fully equipped laboratory and an innovative range of 'green' gel chemistry, engineering capabilities and consultancy, we deliver a combination of expertise and excellence to our clients. We are able to provide a complete technical, manufacturing and onsite gel management service.
Innovative Chemistry
With our innovative chemistry let us find a solution to fit your requirements using the flexibility of products and the creativity of our team. Our laboratory is well equipped to create clever chemistry when combined with comprehensive industrial knowledge.

Your challenges become our challenge to provide the right solution.
Product Consultancy
Our product consultancy ensures that what we do, what you then do, will have the desired effect, be it, production increase to pipeline repair. Understanding the workings of your system is key to delivering an outstanding product or solution that will save time, money and resource.
With many years of project management experience and hundreds of industry contacts, we can build a project solution around your requirements. We can work with you, strategic alliances or consultants to ensure seamless project integration and completion.
We create a deliverable service so that the onsite delivery goes smoothly, to plan and within budget. Our team has significant global experience working with customers and processes around the world, we are experienced at working in challenging environments and conditions. Our chemistry innovation is delivered to your door.
Gels are multi-purpose, multi-functional and used in multiple industries.

Examples of applications are:

Pipeline Cleaning, Debris Pick Up, Mechanical Debris Pick Up, Product Removal, Deoiling, Dewaxing, Descaling, Dewatering, Decontamination, Sand Removal, Chemical Separation, Sea Water Ingress Prevention, Corrosion Inhibitor Batching, Pipeline Flush, Spool Filling, Freeze Repair, Valve Isolation, Valve Sealing, Leak Prevention, Leak Sealing, Wellhead Sealants, Temporary Barriers, Blockage Release, Environmental Protection, Protective Coating, Black Powder Pick Up, Gel Plug, Unpiggable Pipelines.

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