Complete gel management...

The number of applications for gels is ever expanding...

Combine and create...
Solid Gel Pigs
Custom made aqueous or glycol based pigs, flexible and adaptable to a wide range of pipeline sizes. Used for pigging, sealing and product removal.
Viscous Gels
Aqueous or glycol based gel available in a wide range of viscosities with excellent debris pick up properties. Used to remove waxes, scales, sand & oils.
Gels are multi-purpose, multi-functional and used in multiple industries.

Examples of applications are:

Pipeline Cleaning, Debris Pick Up, Mechanical Debris Pick Up, Product Removal, Deoiling, Dewaxing, Descaling, Dewatering, Decontamination, Sand Removal, Chemical Separation, Sea Water Ingress Prevention, Corrosion Inhibitor Batching, Pipeline Flush, Spool Filling, Freeze Repair, Valve Isolation, Valve Sealing, Leak Prevention, Leak Sealing, Wellhead Sealants, Temporary Barriers, Blockage Release, Environmental Protection, Protective Coating, Black Powder Pick Up, Gel Plug, Unpiggable Pipelines.

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Chemical Treatment
Use with a wide range of chemicals for pipeline treatments:
  • Wax Dissolvers
  • Scale Dissolvers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
Use as a sealant to prevent leakage:
  • Valves
  • Wellheads
  • Pipeline Leaks
  • Flanges
Use gels as a lubricant to increase efficiency or as a release aid:
  • Stuck Pigs
  • Moving Parts
Protect equipment from the environment:
  • Corrosive Areas
  • Weather Protection
  • Paint on & easily removed
  • E.g. Nuts & Bolts, Flanges
Innovative Chemistry
Inspired by natural products and the desire to expand the realm of possibilities, your challenge becomes our challenge to create new products.
Product Consultancy
Independent technical product consultancy dedicated to adding value and improving product quality, design & preserving the environment.
We deliver a range of project solutions for clients. Each solution is bespoke to the client requirements; tailored to specific deliverables resulting in seamless project integration.
We are a provider of resource and project management for our gel solutions. Our engineers deliver onsite gel management.