Gel Range
Bespoke gels are widely used in pre-commissioning activities right through to the decommissioning process.

Our gels can be supplied as a solid gel pig or as a viscous gel, both demonstrating great versatility.

We understand gels and as such our gels are designed and tested for each and every application, thus ensuring a perfect product to meet your requirements.

The gels are environmentally sound and CEFAS approved.
Solid Gel Pigs
  • Used for routine pigging & product removal
  • Aqueous or glycol based
  • CEFAS approved
  • Biodegradable
  • Won't get stuck
  • Don't require a launcher/receiver
  • Pig can be density balanced
  • Effective when combined with a viscous gel for debris removal
  • Flexible yet tough
  • Technical details
  • Standard Size range: 2" - 24"
  • Length: usually 2x diam.
  • Propelled using: MEG, Water, Gas
  • Odour: slight
  • pH: 6-7 @20oC
  • Density: 1.1g/cc
  • Solubility: soluble over 30oC
  • Shelf life: 12 months for Glycol pigs
Viscous Gels
  • Excellent Debris Pick Up
  • Mechanical Debris Pick Up
  • Deoiling, Dewaxing, Descaling, Dewatering
  • Chemical Separation
  • CEFAS approved
  • Aqueous or glycol based
  • Available as a wide range of viscosities
  • Use as a temporary isolation
  • Broken down on recovery to aid separation and disposal
  • Supplied in drums/bulk or kits
  • Technical Details
  • Volume capability - litres to >50m3
  • Length of slug - >200m
  • Propelled using - MEG, Water, Methanol
  • Density - 1-1.1 g/cc
  • Viscosity - 1000-40000cps
  • Biodegradable - Yes
  • All properties above can be modified to individual project specifications
Innovative Chemistry
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Product Consultancy
Independent technical product consultancy dedicated to adding value and improving product quality, design & preserving the environment.
We deliver a range of project solutions for client. Each solution is bespoke to the client requirements; tailored to specific deliverables resulting in seamless project integration.
We are a provider of resource and project management for our gel solutions. Our engineers deliver onsite gel management.